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Apr 12
Shirley Goodman

What Does My Child need to Know about Divorce?

Posted by: Shirley Goodman

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Divorce is a common issue faced by young people today. As a school counselor, I have  seen on a daily basis these emotional issues that impact the child's abiilty to learn. This letter sums up what a child needs to understand about divorce, thus giving them the freedom to move on with their life.

Dear Mom/Dad,

I have been to the counselor’s office to talk about divorce. I have learned:

  1. I do fun things with both Mom and Dad and it is okay to tell one parent I had fun at the other parent’s house. Both of you want me to be happy wherever I am.
  2. Both Mom and Dad love me and want me to be happy.
  3. Divorce is definitely NOT my fault! It is an adult decision my parents have made.
  4. Children want their parents to live together. They hope, if they are ‘good’ their parents will get back together again, but this is not true.
  5. Any feelings I have are okay. I drew a picture of my houses and my families and talked about how I felt about divorce.
  6. If I hear my parents arguing, I can go to my room and listen to music or play a game.
  7. Many children have divorced parents. I am not the only one.

Please talk with me about these things at home.

Love, Your Child


(Taken from Counselor’s Pages, Marco Products, Inc)

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