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May 07
Steve Marr

Water Proof Your Emergency Supplies

Posted by: Steve Marr

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Many have put aside emergency supplies for a rainy day. Good choice. You want those supplies to be usable in the event of an emergency. Taking a few minutes to place your emergency items in the waterproof containers will help insure they are usable when needed most.

Many keep emergency supplies in a basement. Basements can flood during a storm, or sewer back up, ruining everything. Stuff stored in a garage may be compromised by wind and rain. Flashlights and batteries are easily destroyed by water.

After Hurricane Sandy I read several accounts of people with emergency generators, kept in the basement. They were ruined as the basement became quickly flooded. The value of the investment was lost. Others had supplies damaged in garages what were damaged by the storm.

You can use large sealed storage bins to store your supplies, or large plastic bags. The key is to protect everything from unexpected water damage.

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