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Aug 17

VRM Crisis and Disaster Response Leadership Team

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VRM News—Updates—Information
Aug 16, 2010
From the Desk of Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response
Chaplain Edward Smith
VRM Deputy Executive Director

VRM Team Deployments-

Arizona Schultz Flood Incident (Near Flagstaff)
VRM teams were relieved in the field by CEN (Christian Emergency Network) Flagstaff Chapter members in a great joint deployment last Monday. The current situation is that the flood is under control, VRM volunteers in the area are doing follow up work and the VRM Arizona chapter stands ready to re-deploy and give assistance to CEN at any minute! Thank you VRM Arizona chapter for serving and deploying as well as CEN chapter members!

What is Christian Emergency Network (CEN)?
Their Mission-
CEN is a communications and collaboration network mobilizing Christians and their churches to support the nation’s readiness agenda.   Christian Emergency Network was formed to respond more intentionally and collaboratively to national emergencies by rallying Christians to be ready physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and to be there praying, caring, and sharing Christ.   By networking and educating Christians to be aware, ready, and there before during and after disasters, CEN is preparing the church to be a source of hope, comfort, and salvation during times of national crisis.

You have been receiving invitations via email to join the VRM response group on the CEN web site and network. Gene Grounds and I are working very closely with Mary Marr (Founder and Director of CEN) which is based outside of Phoenix in Anthem, Arizona on the national level and VRM Arizona Chapter Director Chaplain Brian Dailey is already working on a state wide level with CEN State Director Jon McHatton, and as you read have just done joint deployments in the flood as well as attending chapter meetings and collaborating together to better serve victims through church emergency channels and networks.

Please respond to my latest invitation to join on the CEN network so you can keep up with all the information and resources available through the CEN network,

I will be in meetings with Mary Marr and CEN from August 18-20 on a variety of subjects as we continue to solidify our co-ministry partnership. Please keep the trip and the meetings in your prayers and I will give a report on the meetings shortly.

I will also be returning to Phoenix on October 30th thru November 2nd. We are going to launch the first 3-hour volunteer training on that Saturday as well as do a train the trainer session so that the local chapter can conduct the volunteer sessions on their own. I will be speaking at churches on Sunday and we will be conducting another enhanced training session at the VRM Chapter meeting on Monday night November 1st, I ask you keep that in prayer also.

News from Greater Houston and Southeast Chapter Areas-

Chaplain Win Brown is a key VRM leader and serves in support of Linda and Randy Moore as the chapter grows in the Greater Houston area. He has just led an initial meeting that introduced VRM to the Episcopal Diocese’ Relief and Development Group. Please pray for God’s will and direction as He leads the next steps.

4th Sunday at VRM meetings hosted at Lakewood Church-

On Aug 22 at 5:30pm you are invited to join in with other VRM volunteers who gather from the Houston area for CERT and VRM training. Last month VRM Chaplain Win Brown delivered enhanced training and this month it will be VRM Chaplain Deborah Prihoda who is also the Chapter Director for Texas Gulf Coast.

Greater Houston Chapter Director Linda Moore has been getting the word out on Incident Command Classroom training in the area and has people getting their Incident Command training done FREE online.

We need all our leaders going through IC training and encouraging their volunteers to do the same so go to and get those certificates done and send the copy of completion to Dawn at the VRM HQ to be put in your files.

Also this Thursday August 19 VRM leaders Linda and Randy Moore and Gordon Hazlett will be representing VRM at the meeting sponsored by Doug Stringer and Somebody Cares with Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia with an emphasis of Emergency Responder ID Trust Network or “ER-ITN!” You will have to read the next report to find out what all that is about!

Houston Police visits VRM and Tours DPD HQ

It is amazing what can come out of our actions. A few years ago several Houston police officers observed the response of VRM volunteers (Linda and Randy Moore) and were impressed at what they saw and experienced in interacting with VRM. They are also impressed with VRM Gordon Haslett as he is already interacting with Houston Law Enforcement! And on August 4th three HPD officers visited VRM HQ in Dallas and had meetings and dinner with Gene Grounds, Lt. Williams, Chaplain Pat Thorpe (VRM/VCC Commander) and myself. It was followed up the next day with a tour of DPD HQ with the DPD officers who will coordinate new volunteer programs with VRM. They are an awesome group and it looks like it will accelerate the opportunities for VRM to serve alongside HPD to assist victims. Thank you VRM volunteers for being great examples of Good Samaritans on your call-outs!

Note on our Somebody Cares America Partner-

Somebody Cares Founder and Evangelist Doug Stringer is a true man of God and a compassionate follower of Christ and VRM is proud to co-partner with Somebody Cares. Somebody Cares has hosted VRM training, promoted VRM, included VRM on the Doug’s assessment flight into Haiti and included VRM as part of the Somebody Cares Coalition of Responding partners.   I will be speaking at the Somebody Cares Conference in Boston from Sept 30-Oct 2nd. Please keep Doug and Lisa Stringer and their organization in your prayers as they are facing financial struggles as most ministries are.

VRM Kern County Chapter News-

I was able to visit VRM Kern Country Chapter Director Steve Truitt on June 26 while attending Dr. Norm Wright’s wedding in Bakersfield, California. The growing chapter will be holding a chapter meeting on September 7 at 6:30 pm at the Calvary Baptist Church in Bakersfield. It will focus on a review of CISM debriefing protocols and on “Standby and Stand down” procedures.

Southern California/California Chapter-

VRM 2-Day Basic Training is scheduled from Oct 8-9 in Corona, California with Dr. Norm Wright, Gene Grounds along with me. Talks are also underway for 3-hour Volunteer training and visits out to the area for VRM Enhanced Training Sessions.

North Texas area-

23 people attended 3-Hour Volunteer training at Prestonwood Baptist Church on August 7!

In addition to the great training time we had at Prestonwood (Thank you again to Prestonwood Team Leader- Chaplain Doug Roberts and wife.) We had a VRM “Samaritan Sunday” led by Pastor and VRM Chaplain Darril Deaton at his Grace Fellowship Church in Kaufman, Texas. Chaplain Darril has a “church model” of many members who are VRM volunteers complete with VRM marked vehicles and trailers! You can see video of Darril’s great teaching on “Resembling Jesus” and my talk on Haiti at as VRM members wore yellow shirts!

We continue to see “Hope Grow” from the recent trip with Pastor Joe Perry of Prestonwood Baptist to check on the progress of the “Buckets of Hope” campaign and to visit pastors and churches affected by the earthquake. It has translated into thousands of dollars given to help Petionville Baptist begin to rebuilt their church (photo to right), along with money to help the pastor in the tent city and local pastors in a revival!

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