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Apr 07
Steve Marr

Virginia Plane Crash Demonstrates Heroic Efforts

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Friday a Navel jet crashed into an apartment complex in Virginia Beech shortly after takeoff. Amazingly, no one was killed in the apartment building as the crashing plane exploded.

The pilots started dumping fuel that resulted in a far smaller fireball then would have otherwise occurred. The pilot’s stayed with the plan until the last possible instant before ejecting in an attempt to steer away from buildings.

As the plane crashed, citizens immediately sprang into action. The pilots who landed near the burning building were helped to safety. Others assisted elderly residents out of the apartments and to safety. Still others started searching the buildings not waiting for fire and rescue workers to arrive.

Offices on the scene credited this citizen involvement with saving lives.

Some disaster volunteers are created at the time of an emergency. They see the need, respond and save lives and property. At times calling 911 is an important first step, but in the case of the plane crash, far more action was needed. An emergency crisis may create the need for instant volunteers. The volunteer needed may be you.

In addition, residents will start asking the question, where is God in this disaster? Are you ready to give an answer? Are you ready to step in and help? Start with the Ready Christian track here: http://bit.ly/GVpW91

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