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Sep 12
Mary Marr

U.S. Christians and Muslims Condemn Attacks on Embassies

Posted by: Mary Marr

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Washington DC

Following a briefing today from the Department of Homeland Security related to the attacks on the embassies in Egypt and Libya, the U.S. based Christian Emergency Network and U.S. Muslim Public Affairs appeared on the steps of the U.S. State Department to demonstrate solidarity in condemning the two attacks. CEN President Mary Marr and Muslim Public Affairs President Salam Al-Mayarti serve on the Department of Homeland Security Faith-based Security and Communications Committee.

CEN’s Public Information Officer Misti McHatton issued the following statement:

“We uphold the sovereignty of each nation's embassy. As the U.S. protects all embassies and consulates in the U.S. we expect each embassy and consulate in other countries to be protected. We stand in solidarity, as leaders of faith, condemning the attacks on our embassies in Cairo and Libya and call for peace and a calm resolve, as violence is never an appropriate answer for words. We uphold the freedom of all religions in the U.S., and the expression, which comes from the Constitution, including freedom of speech we may find reprehensible, with the exception of speech that calls for violence or the removal of the rights of others. We call for prayer for the survivors of these attacks in Cairo and Benghazi and for the President of the U.S. and all those in civil authority to have wisdom in the days ahead.”

Muslim Public Affairs President Salam Al-Mayarti issued the following statement:

“We condemn the attack on the US embassies and the death of the US Ambassador.  This is an attack against our country. The film issued yesterday was intended to incite anger against the US.  It's deplorable and unfortunately succeeding in its objectives. We as Muslims living in America are living freely to worship Islam.  We have political challenges like any other community, but America is our home and is home to Islam like so many other religions.  Anyone who attempts to promote the misconception that Muslims are not integrated into America is fomenting more fear and destructive behavior.”

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Sandie Sangster
We join together in prayer for the love of God to be lifted up . In Him we find Peace!
by on Wed, 12 Sep 2012 - 19:52