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Dec 06
Steve Marr

Travel More Safety

Posted by: Steve Marr

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Many people like to share experience on social media, including future travel plans. This may be unwise.

Many of us have friends on social media, some we know causally, or not at all. Thieves attempt to become your “Facebook Friend”, possibly providing false information. They may represent themselves as an old high school classmate, a neighbor or other contact. We may easily accept such friend requests.


When we publish future travel, these unscrupulous people know the house will be empty, and ripe for theft.  This also applies to posting photos while away. You can post the Disney World pictures when you return.


Additionally, When we travel we become more vulnerable to theft. A good pickpocket or purse-snatcher may get your cash, credit cards and other stuff.


When I travel I place the key parts of my wallet, drivers license, credit cards I will use, medical insurance cards and I leave the rest home.


Then if I loose my wallet, the replacement effort is far easier. I can cancel the credit cards and then use the one I left home. Limiting your exposure may be a smart step


This step may protect you from a home burglary, and save grief when traveling. Learn more by becoming a Ready Christian:

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