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Aug 03
Steve Marr

Toledo Water Crisis Highlights Preparedness Needs

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Toledo, sitting next to one on the Great Lakes, with an immense access to fresh water is experiencing a water shortage crisis.

Above: Empty store shelves of water

A toxin, microcystin, a type of algae has contaminated the water supply of 400,000 people in Ohio’s 4th largest city. While the city and water treatment plants scramble to fix the problem, aid is coming in with water trucks and bottled water. People now need to go to distribution center to get drinkable water, unless they have already stored an emergency supply.

Above: Line up for emergency water

In an emergency, we need at least 1 gallon of water for an emergency per person, per day. A wise person will take this as a wake up call, a water problem can hit anywhere, any time. Be ready in advance.  

You can buy extra water, when available and store in large, or small containers. If you don’t want to spend money, take your food grade containers like milk or juice cartons, clean them thoroughly and fill with water. Treat with a six drops  of bleach to eliminate bacteria growth.

In a crunch, you can turn off your hot water heater and drain water to drink, it’s clean.

Buying a good water filter for emergencies is also a good idea. While a filter won’t work in the current Toledo situation, you can filter other sources of water, from swimming pools, and other sources to create drinking water.

As you develop and implement a plan to store water, put aside more then you expect to need, then you have extra to share with others, and provide an open door to minister.

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