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Feb 03
Jon McHatton

The Power of Resiliency

Posted by: Jon McHatton

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 RESILIENCY is one of the four benchmarks of CEN.  My definition of this word is simply "having the strength to finish or complete a task, mission or vision!"  As Christians we derive our resiliency through uniting with one another.  This is never more true in emergencies. 

This week I experienced this through the Christian Leaders in Indianapolis.  Even though the Ice and Snow had come and still coming, they came together through tele' and video conferencing to communicate and, just as important, test their technical applications.  Some worked well and some did not, but information was shared, prayer was offered and a lot of laughter with each other refreshed all of us.

Suffice to say, I felt strengthened and encouraged with the exchange of Jesus through His church via Twitter, Phone, SKYPE, Tokbox, CEN Website, etc.  Special thanks to Neil Cox who keeps challenging us to experiment with new communication technology to better our Resiliency.  Together we are stronger!

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