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Dec 17
Jon McHatton

The Best is yet to Come!

Posted by: Jon McHatton

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As we continue to compile our results and wait for more responses from my last blog in pursuing purpose and destiny, I have a question for you.  Have you ever thought that things cannot get any worse, and then you meet or hear of someone that is far worse off than you are?  In fact, there are times when our hearts are moved with compassion beyond our human efforts and understanding because of the plight that we see.


In our lives, we can look either at what is negative or at what is positive in every situation.   I believe that no matter how dark it seems, even in times of emergency or disaster, light will always remove darkness.  Many times when we are going through a negative experience, it is very dark and grim.  That is when we need to shine the light on us and the circumstance and say, it might be dark now, but the best is yet to come.  After all, darkness is simply an absence of light. 


As we look at darkness as being an absence of light, then we see that darkness has no intrinsic power or energy.  It simply is an opportunity for light to happen.  When it gets dark in our lives, “Light Happens.”  When things seemingly are closing in around us, “Light Happens.”  The wonderful news is that Jesus is the Light and has given and made us His light. 


Have you seen the commercials that say, “life comes at you fast?”  Have you also noticed that it usually has some bad, and hilarious application?  I encourage you to remember instead, “Light comes at you fast.” I remember being told that “speed” is measured by light, so “light” coming at you fast is very appropriate.


When darkness is removed, we can see clearly.  Seeing clearly who He is and who we are helps us to deal more effectively with what is dark and what is light.  Not who is right and who is wrong. 


The eye functions on the power and essence of light.  Blindness is the physical inability of the eye to capture and process light.  Light is shining all around us when we have eyes to see.


The reality is that darkness is simply a void waiting to be infused with the power of light.  That is why Ready Christians, Ready Churches and Ready Communities are Aware, Ready, There to shine in emergencies big and small.


As people discover the “Light in life” communities will begin to see clearly the way we should go, the right things to do, and more importantly, what purpose and destiny we have.  That is why it is important, and a whole lot of fun, to venture into our different personalities and diversity in the church and the body of Christ. 


So let’s speak to the dark areas of life, “The best is yet to come!”



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