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Mar 30

That won't happen to me: Will it?

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In your lifetime, you are guaranteed to experience one man made or natural disaster. You can count on it. So if you are truly prepared for emergencies, then you have nothing to fear.

Some people enjoy the fear factor. It’s challenging, exhilarating, ego satisfying and so on. But is that shared with the rest of the family? Or, are you giving the family a choice? Recently, I came across an interesting statistic. Only 12% of our population is truly prepared for emergencies in accordance with established guidelines. In June 2009, Citizen Corp stated that 32% of the families surveyed were prepared for emergencies. Assuming that the 12% is part of the 32%, then 20% have done something toward emergency planning. If these families were put to the test: will they be aware, will they be ready and will they be there? What are your thoughts?

Most people today, know the importance of emergency planning and preparedness. But for some reason people have trouble putting those thoughts into action. Why? It won’t happen to them, don’t have the time, it is not a fun thing to do, a governmental agency will come to my rescue, etc. As Nike says, “Just do it”. You will be surprised how easy it is to build an emergency plan.

Hurricane season starts June 1. Whether you are affected directly or indirectly by this season, the time is now to get prepared. “Just do it”: your family will be thankful.

Doug Bush

Managing Partner

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