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Jan 30
Mary Marr

Super Bowl means Super Security

Posted by: Mary Marr


As Security officials ramp up their preparedness plans for the Super Bowl they find they are facing challenges on steroids from pickpockets to prostitution and from manhole cover explosions to bracing anything. Since this is the first Super Bowl in downtown Indianapolis the emergency operations plans are carefully reviewed for any threat to security. The Associated Press reported that the “Super Bowl poses a unique security challenge due to the volume of visitors, the 10-day length of festivities, and the square mile over which the associated events will take place.”


The Super Bowl reminds us once again as Christians that we also need to be ready. Our churches need to review their security operations plans. If they do not have one in place, CEN recommends they start ReadyChurch immediately to make provisions for response and continuity of ministries. 


CEN recommends Christians visit the CEN website and stand in prayer with our friends in Indianapolis as they are always standing in the gap spiritually, emotionally, mentally as well as physically sharing the Hope of Christ.


Indianapolis recently faced the tragedy of the collapsed bleachers and yet Christians there responded by launching CEN’s ReadyCity program to prepare the Church in their city to be aware of needs within their community and to be biblically ready to respond.


CEN asks all Christians, in these increasingly uncertain times, to pray for all those attending the event and pray for the safety of our first responders. Please say a big “Thank You” to all first responders who protect us each and every day, and especially during these huge security-challenging events. We should never take our first responders for granted. They are our heroes!


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