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Sep 17

Stuck on a Rooftop - Now What?

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To the extent Hurricane Ike has damaged and shaken the nation, Christian Emergency Network (CEN) asks Christians to pray for the massive recovery efforts in place for the next many months.

Mary Marr, CEN  Founder and President  states, “Recovery efforts include the emotional side of things, too. With over 2,000 people having to be rescued, missing persons still being searched for, and hearing of people calling in to radio stations from their rooftops to be rescued in the aftermath of Ike, a truth surfaced. Many made the wrong choice of not evacuating. They messed up. They didn't heed their local instructions.

But….they still desperately need our prayers. When someone is humbled by their circumstances, especially when it is their own bad choice, it is the very moment at which they need to hear about a loving Savior who sees past mistakes and reaches out in love.”

Marr continues, “We must remember that all of us are stranded on a rooftop - this world.

With the number of crisis events going on around the world, the size of the disasters happening - 7.5 earthquakes (two on the same day), Ike, and MetroLink wrecks in California, we must be reminded every day that if we live on planet earth, we are at risk. However, there is always hope for those who know Jesus Christ.”

Are you ready for the rooftops of this world - times of crisis by your choices, or by God’s sovereignty? How about when you face the rooftop of this world, where your eternity hangs in the balance? Preparedness for this world and the next are possible…but you need to respond to the instructions….for both.

Take time this month, National Preparedness Month 2008, to exercise great citizenship by taking our nation’s advice - prepare a 72-hour or longer emergency kit and response plan. Are tornadoes common in your area? Blizzards? Fires? Prepare a kit for yourself, each family member, and then pack a few extra supplies to help someone else.

More importantly, prepare for your spiritual journey by following the Bible’s message to hear, believe, and respond to God’s truths in it. Eternal salvation from Satan’s grip on this world is clearly written there. The Bible is the true story of God redeeming those who believe His truths and accept His gift of eternal life for when our life or this world ends. We can’t save ourselves, and therefore are “stuck,” waiting to respond to God’s rescue plan made perfect in Jesus Christ. If you know Jesus as your personal Savior, tell someone else about Him. It’s the best rescue they’ll find to survive their life’s journey here on earth and secure a home in heaven for eternity. Need to know more? Contact CEN, NeedHimWhen Disaster Strikes.

Psalm 9:10 in the Bible says, “And they who know Your (God) name will lean on and confidently put their trust in You; for You, Lord, have not forsaken those who seek You.” We know that at this moment in time, our dependence on God will define the strength of the Body of Christ in this land. Christians, be generous and merciful to our hurting Christian family experiencing the effects of so many recent natural disasters, and perhaps even from a wrong choice or other emotionally-wrenching decision or outcome. Be aware, ready, and “there” to help in all ways possible. Donate funds, pray for specific needs, volunteer, help even one person through this tragedy.

Here’s a prayer list to get you going…and a link to an ongoing requests  as we receive them.

1. Rescue efforts to include the “eternal rescue” of many through this crisis
2. Phone systems to stay operational
3. Stamina of rescue workers and first responders
4. Patience for thousands of people who are in need all at once
5. Waters to recede quickly
6. Supplies to be timely and accessible to all who rely on them
7. Generous giving - many relief agencies have not replenished resources after Gustav

Stay involved with responding to great needs by:

Being informed of what Christian relief ministries are doing, and how you can pray for them.

Helping your church see the need to be “ready” for crisis events in your own community, and for helping people many states away….by getting involved in the Ready Church Initiative, presenting a preparedness sermon series, being willing to be a Ready Church.

Helping victims through the paperwork and recovery process by walking them through all the local and state processes…with the love and compassion of Jesus Christ.

Being equipped with Christian response resources….like the comforting and insightful CD worship experience of scripture, narration, and songs that put crises into a biblical perspective

Donating funds to Christian relief groups or a church denomination’s disaster response efforts of your choice…or to CEN who helps Christian citizens respond to disasters with Christ-like actions.

May God use this entire experience for His honor and glory.


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