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Oct 17
Steve Marr

Storing Prescription Medication

Posted by: Steve Marr

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Many of us take regular medication. Should a disaster strike, we may not be able to get to a pharmacy the day we run out. A wise investment would be to buy one, or two months medication ahead, and then keep reordering and rotating your medication.


 An alternative for those with prescription coverage is to order early. My plan allows me to order a 30 day supply at a time. Refills are permitted after 23 days of picking up the last prescription.

I place a note on my calendar and reorder on the 23rd day. After 4 months I now have a 28-day supply, at no cost to me. In one year you can build up nearly a 90 day supply. The key is to faithfully reorder on the earliest possible day, every month to build up your supply.

Some wonder how long a prescription can be used. All medications have an expiration date. Often the medication is good well after that date. I do not have a medical background, and cannot offer medical advice. You can check the web site of Internal Medicine  and read research on how long medications hold useful strength. In a pinch an older med may be far better then no medication.

Make sure you store all medication under optimal conditions for each. 

Check with your pharmacy or doctor, and do your own research before making any decisions.

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