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Dec 19
Mary Marr

Seeking and Waiting for God

Posted by: Mary Marr


In the life of a Christian, during Advent season we eagerly await, just as at the time of our spiritual birth, for the Savior to come in a new and fresh way reminding us again of the greatest gift of all His Son Emmanuel “God with us.”

The coming of Christ is better than any present, better than the angels, better than any of the prophets, better than any Bible role model as He brings a better pathway and better result every time we follow the baby that was born in a manager.

The wise men sincerely and earnestly sought Jesus and He richly rewarded their seeking. God rewards those who seek Him, as we know from Hebrews 11:6: “So, you see, it is impossible to please God without faith. Anyone who wants to come to Him must believe that there is a God and that He rewards those who sincerely seek Him.”

But sometimes our seeking of Him comes at a cost and over a long time.  In the time of Jesus birth, it took the wise men a long time to find Him. It cost them to go looking and then to return once they found Him.

As followers of Christ, our lives are similar. It is not always an easy road and is often long in seeking His will. It requires patience, endurance, and a resolve to persevere beyond anything we have ever committed our hand to before.

For Moses it meant a mere 120 years, for Noah a ship project that was scoffed at, for Abraham a 25-year wait until a son was born. It was their faith that endured all through the long and painful wait much like it is for us today. God works in our lives all while the waiting is taking place, even if we do not see it, He is working for our good.

There have been faithful followers of Christ who have waited, lived out their faith and persevered in my life. They have an indelible imprint on my Christian walk. A faithful youth leader taught me to search for the goodness in each person that crossed my path; my godparents taught me what it meant to be a church leader and prayed faithfully for me; my parents were faithful in church attendance and service; my sister taught me hospitality; my dear friend defined the word grace and was faithful for 33 years in keeping our relationship strong without any contention; my grandparents guided me in reverence for God; my son continues to teach me lessons on loving and growing spiritually; my loving husband has shown me kindness beyond measure; a wise and learned pastor taught me to encourage others; and another seasoned pastor taught me how to minister within the context of the local church in effective and wise ways.

Each one of these faithful followers helped to shape my spiritual life. Each one waited upon the Savior themselves and on my behalf which I am truly grateful.

Many of the ones I am thankful for have gone to be with Him already. They are still waiting with Jesus for my homecoming! 

As we wait upon the celebration of Our Savior’s birth this year, who has helped shape your spiritual journey by waiting, hoping, and trusting God for your life? Have you thanked them for waiting with you?

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