Thursday, April 09, 2020


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As French law enforcement confront the gunman who took the lives of children and a rabbi in a Jewish school this past week, it was a reminder to all secular and religious communities alike that our schools remain "soft targets" for those who are aligned with Jihadist ideology and violent extremism. Initial reports did not confirm the motives or affiliations, but upon further review, al-Qaeda networks were apparently involved.


As one national faith leader puts it: "This violent shooting attack against a Jewish school in France, while it may seem far from the U.S., by an apparent extremist aligned with Jihadist ideology, particularly one that directly targeted children, demonstrates a dramatic and violent shift in the threat realities faced by all faiths as “soft targets”. And, while this incident was local, allegedly committed by a French national, the threat is not constrained by geographic boundaries. Individuals and groups loosely affiliated or ideologically aligned with radical, extremist ideologies presents a global threat and challenge and one that has the potential to impact our communities worldwide."

CEN calls on all those who administrate and manage schools, colleges and universities whether religious or secular to exercise increased vigilance and to have emergency and security operations plans in place. The time to haul those plans out of the file box is now, practice your plans before, not after an event has occurred.

 For churches and Christian school administrators, in particular, CEN recommends your security operations plans be reviewed in light of what has the potential to affect local communities worldwide.


ReadyChurch training will assist any school or church to discover existing leadership to form a school or church emergency team, to assess their risks, including security related risks, and plan for contingencies. The training will also assist the emergency teams to prepare those who lead to be biblically ready to respond.


CEN also recommends that any suspicious activity be reported to law enforcement. There is nothing that seems not quite right that is without merit of reporting. Law enforcement is trained to take the report and validate the response.


What are the signs of potential terrorist activity? For tips on what to do and how to recognize the signs prior to a violent extremism.

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