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Feb 12
Steve Marr

School Bus Fire Demonstrated Need For Evacuation Plan

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This week a school bus in Charlotte North Carolina caught fire, with six children and a driver on board.  Within a few moments, the entire bus was engulfed in flames.  Driver Lindora Richardson as credited with saving the children’s lives.

First, she smelled something burning and immediately pulled over, rather then wait and see what would happen. As she stopped, smoke started pouring from the dash. Instantly she sent the children to the back of the bus, toward an emergency exit. Then, she opened the exit door and got everyone out, unhurt.

Above: Driver Lindora Richardson

In a news interview, Richardson credited her training kicking in that saved the day, and the children. Rarely will a school bus driver put to use emergency training. In this instance, the emergency evacuation training saved lives.

Are you ready to evacuate your home during a fire emergency? Does everyone, including children know the exits and where to gather after escape? Which windows come out? Do you have a rope ladder for second floor escapes?

Take time today to study your house and identify all escape routes, determine a rallying point and insure you have escape ladders and working fire extinguishers in your home.

School Bus Driver Richardson never thought the day would come to implement the fire evacuation plan, but she was ready. Get your family ready today. To learn more on being ready, go the free Ready Christian track here: http://bit.ly/ohUZV8


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