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May 17
Church Security Institute

Safety Security and the Church

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Church Safety and Security seems to mean different things to different folks, especially to the pastors and administrators I seem to have come in contact with lately, a bit surprising for me.

We who call and identify ourselves as Christians should all have  a general feeling, based on the Bible and i'ts teachings, to trust in our Lord & to let God lead us in our efforts to serve Him/His.  This said, I am surprised in talking with some regarding their church or ministry Safety and Security, to hear the response "Oh, we are trusting in God to protect us", not what I seem to understand entirely.  Surely, we should and do trust Him, but I believe His word also calls on and tells us to do our part and to be a Good Steward to and for what He provides to/for us.

The pastor is the Shepherd to their flock, and as the Bible explains, the shepherd was there to comfort, guide and provide for their flock, and that includes having a plan and being prepared.  There were & are many risks for a flock & the sheep were at times helpless without a shepherd to provide the protection from those things that would harm, hurt, kill or injure them.

The Bible tells us that the workmen building the wall had a sword nearby to protect themselves but it also tells us that there were watchmen who were nearby & working to protect them also.  The church today is in he same danger from harm and a good shepherd should protect them.  If the pastor and church are to be good stewards of the things that God provides, including the building, funds, staff, members and guests who they invite to come, they must be safe.

We have plans for almost everything today, and we prepare for disasters, fire, medical and other emergencies, but it takes a plan, equipment, supplies and people to carry out the plan.

Does your church, ministry or private school, or your business, have such a plan in place?

Have you prepared to deter, detect, delay and dispatch to deal with an attack or emergency?

If not, what are you waiting for?  The emergency, injury, accident, fire or attack will not wait.

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