Saturday, August 08, 2020


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Any fair assessment of the news reports today would demonstrate we are globally in a mess. It seems we are being threatened on every side of life – with voices all around saying: “ We are leading to an economic meltdown either through inflation or deflation!” “Our businesses are threatened with an increase in cyber attacks for which there is no shield”; “Our personal information has been stolen”; “Our cities are unsafe from the influx of drugs and human traffic”; “Now, threats of rampant disease”; “Earthquakes are happening in unexpected places with unusual frequency!”; “Natural disasters are overtaxing our resources”; “Another credible global terrorist threat?” Where is the safety in the midst of this turbulence?


It has, is, and always will be in the arms of God. Yet, even though he has told us time and again we choose to deny the conditions of His safety - obedience. For example, how many times did God say to Adam and Eve, “do not eat of this fruit”? How many times did Moses warn the people to obey God’s commandments or the children of Israel would come to ruin? How many times did Noah try to forewarn his tribe, even to the point of spending day and night building an ark per God’s blueprints? How many times did John the Baptist warn those listening on the shores to repent from going their own way for the coming of the Lord is at hand? And, how many times have we heard that still small voice ourselves also crying in the midst of our own wilderness, be ready! Instead, we say to ourselves: “I am safe in my own strength” or “Those preparations can wait until tomorrow?”



Biblical readiness is more than being physically ready for whatever God allows to serve His purpose – bringing His children into the fold. It means being spiritually ready to stand before God in full surrender having placed our trust in Him alone, Jesus as Lord and Savior. It means being emotionally ready to face whatever comes our way trusting that God will bring good out of personal, family, or our national pain resulting from having strayed far from the things of the Lord. It also means being mentally ready to accept that our life is changing rapidly before our eyes and is part of what God has already instructed our minds to receive through His word – He is coming again in the very midst of chaos and pain.



It is tempting to ruminate over the many lives, who it would seem, are not hearing the voice of God reminding them to get ready. As much as we love our family, friends, and even our nation and world, this listening is not something we can do for them. They must hear the voice of God with their own hearts, souls and minds. We must not, as some are espousing throw up our hands saying: “Well, it is going to happen anyway, there is nothing I can do about it!” This is not what Jesus said, rather “Go and make disciples” until that day. Be found helping Christians to get ready.



And, while we are waiting for His return, it is tempting to fret over the evildoers of our day. But, God tells us way back in the Old Testament to spend our waking hours on Him, not doing that! Rather, Christians are chastened by God to put on the shield of faith, the breastplate of righteousness and go about making disciples in this environment? (Acts 1:9) CEN has developed a resource to assist you and your church to do this in the day in which we now find ourselves. It is a FREE resource called ReadyChristian



You may ask: “What happens to those who refuse to listen to His voice and get ready?”


One scripture is very telling for those who are ready and waiting upon the Lord and those who are not: “Since they hated knowledge (renewing of the mind), and did not choose to fear the Lord (healthy emotional fear), since they would not accept my advice (spiritual wisdom), and spurned my rebuke (willful emotional, mental and spiritual obedience) - they will eat of the fruit of their ways. But, whoever listens to me (spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically), will live in safety and be at ease, without fear of harm.” (Proverbs 1:29-31a, 33)


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