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Jan 27

Recent Snow Storm in Flagstaff

Posted by: Jim

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Recently, Flagstaff has experienced a powerful week of storm activity. The impact of the storms and snowfall has been widespread.  During the storm, we have found that many issues arose that we were prepared for and many that have been added to our future preparedness.

For the most part, needs of our people were adequately met through the efforts of our Neighborhood Groups and staff monitored ministries.  We responded to snow removal needs and feel there were no hunger, shelter, or needs that went unmet.

We were forced to cancel our Saturday evening services and were able to hold our two Sunday services, as scheduled.  The biggest issues facing our on site ministries was snow removal from the property and the flat roof structures.

We are currently reviewing how we could have been more proactive with any needs of our people or community -- and, working with agencies that work with homeless to insure our community needs are addressed, as well. 
It has been a very challenging and yet, growing experience.

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