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May 31
Mary Marr

Ready Christians can Celebrate even in Pain

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If you have completed the Ready Christian Study Series, you now clearly understand that being biblically ready spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically are essential to stand in times of crisis. The world knows plenty of examples of well-intentioned people who seek to care for others in their own strength. They grow weary and often discouraged when the reward they seek on earth may elude them. Or the expect a long term result from their labors, when in fact, the only everlasting reward comes for those who seek to do God’s will and the blessing then comes from His hand for all eternity.


It is not enough to be able to withstand the rigors of a crisis long term emotionally even with healthy habits and balance. It is not enough to know all the many technical ways to respond to crisis and even employ them, such as providing mass shelter. And, it is not enough if you have supplied your family and friends, your church and your community if you have not done so in the name of Christ. If there is any good report it comes from Jesus alone, not our own emotional, mental, or physical prowess.


In the Ready Christian Study Series you have assessed just how ready you are to give an answer in word and deed for the Hope of Christ within you. Once you took the assessment, whether consciously or not, you evaluated if you had the stamina to complete the task of personal readiness. Jesus said: “For which one of you, when he wants to build a tower, does not first sit down and count the cost, to see if he has enough to complete it?” Luke 14:28 Replicating our faith in Christ is the ultimate goal and response we can give back to our loving God who has paid the ultimate price for us so that we might be biblically ready to face what life brings, especially in these uncertain times.


The Ready Christian Study Series had walked you through the importance of working together in one accord as scripture teaches and as modeled in Nehemiah. It has walked you through the steps to preparing your own family emergency plan, how to be supplied and to be informed as modeled in Joseph and Noah. It has given you the principles of emotional resilience and provided a way for you to have personal support through a partner who will stand with you in crisis as in Mordeci and Esther.


And, most importantly, it has shown in the very life of Jesus the principles of what it means to be spiritually ready – ready to meet the Lord in any second, ready to be an ambassador for Him in any situation crisis or not in I Timothy 2: 1-8.


With your TWWS covenant partner you have practiced the skills of praying, caring and sharing Christ with those who desperately need him – those in personal crisis.  You have a personal love note from God congratulating you on completing the biblical readiness series and applying the principles you have learned.  You surely have a story to share on how God worked through you to stand with others in crisis and bring His everlasting hope and comfort. This is a result that will last eternally in your life and the life of those you and you partner have prayed with, cared for and lovingly shared the only way to find hope in the midst of hopelessness – Jesus!


Now, it is time to celebrate your obedience to the Lord in the area personal biblical readiness growth! Ezra wrote: “The priests stood in their apparel with trumpets and with cymbals to praise the Lord. “ Ezra 3: 10


If you have not yet taken the Ready Christian journey, I invite you to start today! The series is free of charge and will bring about eternal dividends for you and your family. It is not a matter of IF an emergency will come into your life, it is a matter of WHEN. CEN is here to help you be biblically ready!


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