Thursday, October 17, 2019


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A ReadyChristian  is someone who takes the stewardship of what God has bestowed upon them as a blessing. Criminals look for signs of an empty house. If you are traveling take a few of these steps to insure your home is protected while you are away:



Use automatic timers on radios, TV’s or lights.



Install window dowels on slider windows or open upwards.



Befriend a neighbor you can trust to retrieve deliveries and mail or to park their car in your driveway.



Trim hedges and trees as overgrown bushes tend to obstruct those who will watch your home from seeing anything suspicious.



Lock all windows and doors including your backyard gates and electrical boxes.


Adjust a surveillance camera to a “wide” setting to view all of your property while gone.



Don’t post your vacation plans on social websites.



Let law enforcement know you will be gone and fill out a local police vacation form if they have one to do periodic checks on your home.



Remember to thank God for the blessing and provision of your home and ask for His protection while traveling.


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