Passwords and Cyber Security

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Have you ever created account with your username and password and then returned to the site a year later and completely forgotten your login details?  Take a moment and create a secure password filing system.  This will insure that you use appropriate password techniques as you log into different websites possibly making yourself vulnerable to criminals.  Never use the same password for your email or computer account as you would for a shopping cart sites or subscription services.  The easiest way for someone to hack your system is to use your password.  Here are some of the most common passwords used and should never be used as your password…











Begin by creating a three level password system and memorize them.  Do not put them in your planner, phone, or your desk drawer.  Memorize them!  If you use your phone for sensitive material, use the password pin function.  *You may give your password to a spouse or someone you trust so that in the case that you are unable to attend to your accounts, someone will be able to help you.  Follow guidelines of power of attorney.


Level 1 =  haYday3 (this should contain one uppercase letter, numbers and a least 7 characters)

Level 2 = haYday365 (this should contain one uppercase letter, numbers and a least 7 characters)

Level 3 = haYday3659tu  (Never give this password to anyone, use the 4 digit pin for bank or other pin access sites)

Use your level 1 or level 2 passwords for low risk or subscription websites like flicker or, but never give out your Level 3 password.  If a website asks if you want to provide a “hint”, in the case you lose your password, simply put in “level 1 or level 2” as the answer.  

Once you have created your levels of passwords, create a spreadsheet with header names across each column like the example below. Next, Login each account you are subscribed to and the level of password you are using. Keep this file up to date so that you never lose your login and password.  Meanwhile if this spreadsheet document is obtained by a criminal, they will be unable to figure what your password is.






Assoc. Email Address



Level 2




Level 1








I recommended that every month that you change your level 3 password.  The best kind of password is a random password that contains at least 1 uppercase letter and a set of  random letters and numbers.  Here is some examples…  eN8prkrd3,  th6Ethp7, dUn0raia8.  You can go to to create a random password.

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