Happy Ending to a Terrible Disease

Posted by: Douglas Bush

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In March I wrote about my nephew’s firsthand account of his experiences during the earthquake in Chile.  The saga for the Chilean people continues. 

This blog entry is to tell the readers that Derek in his unselfish wisdom set out to help those most affected by the earthquake.  Travelling from the capital city of Santiago, he went into the countryside.  This is where he thought he could be of most benefit.  He restored water and electricity to farm houses, patched windows and doors from the outside elements, fed the livestock because the farmer was not physically capable, and so on.  As he said, it was a list of “odd-jobs”.

After a month of helping those less fortunate and still eager to go on, Derek contacted bacterial meningitis.  A terrible disease for anyone especially, the young.  How he got it and where he got it, he nor the doctors aren’t sure.   The prognosis was not good and family anxiety soon set in. 

Derek had checked himself into a Santiago hospital on his way back from the rural communities. With him was a burned CD copy (kept in his glove compartment) of Family Information Readiness Manager with his medical history, family contact information and cherished pictures of his family.  He gave the disk to the receptionist, gave her the password and asked to see a Doctor now.  The doctor was impressed with Derek’s attention to detail.  After the Doctor examined him and read his medical history, intensive care was ordered and the drugs administered.  The receptionist called Derek’s wife to tell her that her husband was in hospital as he was asking for her. 

Family Information Readiness Manager may have saved Derek’s life but for certain it did help in starting the healing process.  After a month in hospital, Derek is home with his family.  Gaining back his strength many village people (in the areas which he helped) called on Derek to wish him well.  They brought food for the family and gifts for his kids.  With tears in his heart, he thanked them all.    

Douglas Bush
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