Sanitize The Office

Posted by: Steve Marr

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The cold and flu season is ramping up. One of the easiest and least costly weapons to fight the spread of germs and illness is the use of hand sanitizers.


Put one by each sink in the rest room, and attach one or more by doorways as people enter and exit your establishment.

A few tips on getting the most from a sanitizer. First, use a good amount, this is one time more is better then skimping. You want to make sure you get enough to do the job.

Second, take a moment to insure you get under your fingernails and between your fingers, these are germ hideouts. Also make sure you get both sides of your hands and your wrists.  

Third, be vigorous and rub into your hands, keep rubbing until dry, take a moment, the extra few seconds may just kill that flu bug.

As you travel around, take advantage of sanitizers you encounter. Think about how many people have touched the door handle, ATM machine, counter or anything else.

Take the steps you can to stay healthy.  

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