New Orleans Suburbs Hit the Hardest

Posted by: Mary Marr

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Prayers have been answered for residents of New Orleans as the city itself was spared massive damage largely due to levees having been strengthened after Katrina. Meanwhile, preliminary assessments on the disaster needs in greater New Orleans, MS, and LA are still challenging due to the extensive flooding. The suburbs of New Orleans appears to have taken the largest hit as local levees have been breached and damage to the 26 mile long beach areas of MS. In some areas whole communities are now underwater and in LaPlace LA more than 3100 residents evacuated in a rescue operations because they had not heeded the evacuation order. Isaac has dumped more than 20 inches of rain in three days. Mississippi’s Lake Tangipahoa swelled beyond its banks. Authorities will have to release some of the water to avoid 60,000 people from losing their homes to 17 feet of flooding. Governor Jindall is urging the residents in the area to evacuate. 5,000 people have been moved to shelters and almost one million are without power in the Gulf States.

Isaac has generated twisters and continues as a tropical depression headed for Illinois, Missouri, and the Ohio River Valley and may dump up to ten inches of rain as it moves northward. The rain will arrive as farmers see it as bad timing. After so many years and months of little rain and weakened harvests, the excessive rain may damage what was hoped to be a comeback harvest season.

FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate urged people to pay attention to weather reports because of power failures and the threat of flash flooding in LA, MS, AL, and FL following Hurricane Isaac” and has indicated they are positioned for the initial response. However, as in past disasters the private and public sectors will be relied upon for the recovery efforts. Christian responder agencies are collaborating on the response effort.  

Given the communications capacity in New Orleans is seriously compromised, CEN launched the Isaac ReadyNewOrleans online response effort. Ed Smith Victim Relief Ministries and CEN’s Incident Commander of ReadyNewOrleans will provide updates and details on the response effort throughout the recovery stage.

To become a part of ReadyNewOrleans Hurricane Isaac Response:

Please pray for:

  • Those who are in harm’s way in the MS Lake Tangipahoa area to heed evacuation orders
  • First Responders to remain safe and have the ability to assess the needs quickly
  • Christians to avoid the affected area until the assessment phase is complete to understand the real need from the perceived human and material resource need in order to avoid responder from having to deal with the crisis of un-needed resources
  • ReadyNewOrleans to quickly fill all nine leadership roles for response and for all Christians to become biblically ready to respond


 Please care for ReadyNewOrleans by:

  • Offer to fill one of the nine leadership roles – view roles on the Isaac response group online
  • Donate to expenses of the ReadyNewOrleans Isaac response effort
  • Adopt a New Orleans church who has been damaged by posting on Hurricane Response 2012 wall board


 Please share the Hope of Christ:

  • Support Victim Relief chaplains to deploy in ReadyNewOrleans response through recovery stage
  • Write blogs on how Christ is demonstrated by Christian respondersli>