Are YOU Involved in Church, Synagogue or Ministry Safety Security?

Posted by: Church Security Institute

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In working on an article I was thinking of how many of our officers or members may use their skills, training and experiences to help make their church, synagogue or ministry a safer and more secure place for staff, members, visitors or guests, and themselves and their friends and family. I hope you might help me get some views of activity on this.

If you are actively involved I hope you will tell me a bit about what you do, how you may use your training and/or experiences and , if not involved, share more on that also.

Some of the questions I have are: Does your site have a written Plan for safety security? Is it printed and available in class rooms, halls or other places occupied at times?

Do you have Teams to carry out the Plan? Is the Team made up of Staff, volunteers from membership, contract services and/or off duty fire, police, EMS, military or others?

Has your plan actually been put into practice, where the Teams undergo training and act or respond to scenarios of a real emergency, medical, fire, evacuation, lock down, shelter in place, disruption of a service and an attack on a staff person, member or visitor/guest, including pocket-book theft, abduction of a child or adult, shooting, etc.?

How “Prepared” was and/or is your facility to these problems? What Grade would you give your program for the various areas above? Would you be willing to discuss?

Thanks for any hep you can give on this and if you can share a copy or power point of your plan or other info or details that would he wonderful and greatly appreciated.

You can email with your responses, plans, or any questions or suggestions or any other comments that you may wish to share.

Thanks to all for your participation in this study to help others by trying to help make them safer, more secure and ready to detect, deter or respond to an emergency.