Who is Your A-Team?

Posted by: Mary Marr

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When Moses was given the vision from God to guide the children of Israel into the Promised Land, I doubt that he also envisioned the problems he would encounter along the way.  His greatest joy was to surely know that God had made provisions for them, yet his blessing also became his biggest headache. Israel had to learn that with blessing comes responsibility.


Daily food from heaven was showered upon the children of Israel, and still they often grumbled. When they were told to throw out the quail from that day, they did not do so and the smell was terrible. With the blessing of food came the responsibility to follow God’s baking instructions for the Sabbath Day.  It meant unquestioned obedience. (Exodus 16).


Moses gathered the children of Israel to hear their complaints, but in the end, he told them they would know the Lord God as a result of their compliance.  Paul would later remind the disciples that Christ is the living water on which all obedience is built upon as the basis of the blessings to come. (I Corinthians 10:4)


When Jethro heard all that God had done for the children of Israel by bringing them out of bondage in Egypt, saving them from pharaoh, and faithfully leading them through the desert Jethro called for a sacrificial meal of thanksgiving. Moses, however, had several complainers lined up when his father-in-law asked: “Why are you trying to do this all alone? The people have been standing here all day to get your help.” He told Moses he was going to wear himself out and he needed help.


He told them, this job is way to big for you alone and to find some capable, honest men who fear God and hate bribes. “Appoint them as judges over groups.” He explained that only the complex difficult unresolved issues should be brought to Moses.


We learn in Exodus 18:24 that Moses listened to his father-in-laws advice and chose capable men from all of Israel to administer justice to groups of people on smaller matters. Moses chose an A-team to do the vast number of cases that were being brought before them for justice to be administered to keep order in the camp.


Just as Moses identified capable men to help him with a vision that was God-sized, the Christian Emergency Network is set up much the same way with a wonderful A-team. The national emergency team is composed of several very gifted obedient and seasoned leaders. As, local cities, churches and ministries make the vast amount of decisions locally to implement the mission of CEN; this small A-team stands with them.


For example, CEN’s ReadyCity requires nine very capable volunteers who manage, provide logistical support, communications, operations, finance, safety and security as the vital leadership areas of praying, caring and sharing Christ sensitively in emergencies both large and small. Dividing the responsibilities is God’s plan for the Church. He did not intend that only 20% would do 80% of the work because He knew they would get exhausted. So He demonstrated through Moses how to delegate authority.


The God-size CEN mission of equipping the Church to be ready spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically for such a time as this, is way beyond any one person. It requires many obedient Christians with a vast array of gifts and talents to execute the vision. And, the blessings that flow from God’s faithfulness also bring challenges along the way.


One such challenge for CEN is to identify all nine national leaders who are capable of bringing not only their expertise from years of ministry leadership, but also their ability to facilitate and guide the implementation of effective ministry locally to respond biblically to disasters, emergencies as well as personal crisis. As CEN's national Administrator I admit I need this strong A-team to do my part in the mission.


CEN is prayerful that in 2012, all nine leaders will be identified and actively engaged in guiding in their area of influence so that Christians worldwide will stand strong when they themselves and others are in crisis. God is the transformer of the heart when tragedy seeks to overtake. Since its launch in 2001, CEN has experienced the "responsibilities" within all the blessings. And, it is always amazing how God supplies and gives His own touch of assurance and strength just when the vision at times seems too much to handle. Will you pray along with the national team for all CEN roles nationally and locally to be filled with God's choice?


Where are you leading the charge to help your church, city or nation become biblically ready?

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