Our Friends are in Crisis, now What?

Posted by: Mary Marr

Tagged in: Personal Crisis

We listened actively this past week as our friends shared with us how helpless they felt in ministering to another Christian couple whom they had known well for several years who recently lost their adopted son to suicide and their other adopted child was also struggling with anger and depression. Not realizing there was a connection between these circumstances, I was able to explain how unresolved trauma from stress and abandonment may cause an escalation of these symptoms over time.  I explained how crisis and trauma are often open doors to great healing spiritually, emotionally, mentally and even physically if they are handled in a professional and wise manner.  Christian family counseling is clearly in order for this family and the sooner they get the help they need the healthier all of their lives will become.

Sometime Christians believe that every crisis is at the core a spiritual one. While every crisis has a spiritual dimension, not every crisis is spiritual in nature. A crisis at the core may be emotional, mental or even physical in nature. Yet, all aspects, including the spiritual need to be addressed when responding to those in crisis.

While not a professional Christian counselor myself I know that seeking the wise counsel of professional counselors to guide others in crisis is often the best path.  It is why CEN supports crisis counselors like Bobbie Rill and Shirley Goodman as well as trained chaplains such as Ed Smith and Pat Hamman who will assist with these types of questions. If you know someone in crisis, or you are in crisis yourself and need a Christian perspective, you may contact them directly on the CEN site. 

Continuing to grow in active listening and guiding others when to seek responsible counseling as a ReadyChristian is essential to responding to people in emergencies both large and small.  We may not have all the answers ourselves but if we are willing God will help us become stronger and stronger in responding biblically to those in crisis. We do this by first asking God for "his heart" to respond and then by growing in our own personal response capacities. 

Have you set some new year goals to grow as a ReadyChristian, one who is able to respond to others in crisis in a prayerful and sensitive manner? 2012 will bring its share of crisis, the real question is, are you a ReadyChristian who is ready to biblically respond?