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Sep 27

Preparedness Tips

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Christian Emergency Network provides ongoing Preparedness Tips - check back often.

Christian Emergency Network (CEN) serves the Christian Church at large by providing news and information related to emergency preparedness, response, and recovery in partnership with the Department of Homeland Security.

CEN’s purpose is to encourage personal preparedness and emergency training among true believers so that the gospel message goes out through efforts of praying-caring-sharing amidst times of national crisis.   By being “aware,” “ready,” and “there” in times of crisis, Christians can respond Christ-like.

CEN also keeps the Christian message, news, and stories from its many ministry partners going out via all forms of mass communication during crisis times, providing the biblical worldview that secular media often does not cover.

Use these Preparedness Tips to “be ready.”   These are in no special order.

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National Preparedness Tips - added to often  

BE READY to help in a local disaster by … getting trained & connected to your local “Citizen Emergency Response Team,” also called CERT.   You’ll save a lot of time and energy by knowing emergency response services and procedures for your local area.   Access the CERT division assigned to your area by selecting the CERT link at

BE READY to respond to a crisis by first being right with God according to the Bible.…and then be ready to share this eternal Hope with others looking for answers.   Emergency situations are often used by God to open hearts for the gospel message.     Learn more about knowing God, and about having spiritual tools on hand to use with others by going to

BE AWARE of how to donate resources in a crisis time … are 2400 tractor trailers needed? chain saws? cleaning supplies? money? work teams from your church denomination?   During actual disasters,  needs and approved links for disaster response organizations will be posted at

BE READY ahead of a crisis by having made a family emergency communication plan … select one person everyone calls, even selecting one out-of-state contact point should the emergency affect your entire local area; cell phones may be jammed, so make your call count.   More tips are available at

BE READY by having made a family meeting plan for times of emergencies … decide where to go and when, with back-up places if your first choice is not available, and know these in advance.   More tips are available at

BE READY with the gospel message.   Along with meeting tangible needs, there is a real opportunity to meet spiritual needs in a crisis time.   Be knowledgeable and experienced in leading someone to a relationship with Jesus Christ.   Understand the biblical worldview of God’s sovereignty and seek God’s help through prayer to best be able to offer the Hope of Jesus Christ, and the comfort only His Truth provides.   Find out more at

BE AWARE of your local evacuation procedures and routes … learn the evacuation plans by checking with your city and county governments; even drive the routes to practice.   Access your city’s government at by clicking on the READY icon on the website.

BE AWARE of how your child will be evacuated if at a daycare or school ... and when & how to pick them up.   If there isn’t a plan, encourage and help with one.   More tips are available at

BE AWARE of where the trained and equipped survival churches are located in your area … more and more churches are being trained in emergency response.   Check with your denomination and encourage them to provide training.   Church training, and even sermon series, are available at

BE AWARE that staying home may be your best option in a crisis…if something is not a respiratory threat, it may be best to just stay put for awhile.  Stay in your home and wait for instructions through media or by someone coming to check on you.

BE AWARE that using duct tape and plastic on doors of your crisis location may cause further dangers or hazards in getting help to you.     More practical tips are available at

BE READY by ensuring that your medical information, valuable documents, and list of next-of-kin are copied and are in a duplicate location… even wear medic-alert bracelets that list this type of information.   These tips and more are provided by in partnership with ministry and government partners.

BE READY with a full tank of gas in a crisis time when possible…this will help you evacuate quickly and safely … especially when you are in the path of a known emergency.   A simple tip from

BE READY with a drinking water supply in your car and home … Replacing the supply often, knowing that excessive heat degrades water quality.  You should have 3 days’ worth of water in your car, and several weeks' worth in your home when facing potential natural disasters.   Learn more at

BE AWARE that many customary services will not be available in times of crisis … like credit card machines…so BE READY by planning to have a small amount of cash on hand for store supplies & gas.   This tip and more provided by

BE READY, be keeping your key records of identity up to date … like drivers licenses, passports, health cards, and insurance cards…this will save you a lot of hassle and embarrassment should a crisis occur.   This is something you can do now.   These reminders and more are available at  

BE AWARE that when using a phone in a crisis, your communication should be short…like “I AM SAFE and I’M LOCATED AT ˍˍˍˍ, and I’LL HAVE MY CELL PHONE OFF.”    Avoid tying up phone lines needed for the most urgent calls.  Turn off your cell phone after use, saving your phone power for possible critical needs later.   If you are with others, consider keeping just one phone on at a time.   Cell phone lines were recently jammed during the Minneapolis/St. Paul bridge collapse; let’s learn from this and act wisely in the future.   More information is at

BE READY by being cooperative with your local area’s evacuation plans, emergency response systems, and recovery efforts.   Your attitude and actions will help the success of these efforts, and may put you in a position to help.   Serve these efforts as best  you can, even by “ministering” to the emergency response workers who may be tired, hungry, thirsty, and in need of your comfort, encouragement and prayers.   This tip from    

BE READY by having already agreed with your family on the needed supplies to have on hand….such as medications, glasses, inhalers, and other supplies that are essential for you and your family to survive.   Have a list in a known place and assign someone to gather them quickly while you wait the crisis out in your home, or for when you are about to evacuate.   A 72-hour FREE checklist is available at

BE READY with a radio and extra batteries.   The hand crank variety of radios is even better in a time of crisis.     Keep them in working order, and in a known place.   More "must have" supplies are included on a free checklist at

BE AWARE that during an evacuation it’s best to focus on evacuating safely even more than quickly.  Cars often block evacuation routes by getting into accidents or running out of gas, therefore preventing ambulances from getting to key crisis sites.  Do not cause more danger or accidents by your actions.   Respond wisely, and safely.   This tip and more are available at

BE AWARE that since you, as a bible-believing Christian, have  faith in Christ...and  you are best able to dispel fear in a crisis.   Most people tend to deny or under-react during a disaster;  they can just freeze, becoming  incapable of helping themselves or others.   BE READY to notice these people and come to their aid, providing a Christ-like response, and sharing the biblical worldview.   Spiritual helps, including a worship experience CD, is available at

BE AWARE “now” of those around you who will need special care during a crisis…like the handicapped, elderly, and children.   BE READY to make your care response prompt to them.   The elderly, children, and even pets are often lost in the shuffle during disasters.   More preparation “helps” can be found at

BE READY to “pray” first in a crisis - pray for wisdom and safety in helping those God puts in your path…then “care” for victims…then wait for God-appointed times to “share” the truth and comfort of Jesus Christ.   Christians are to come alongside fellow believers, but also can reach out to those in need of Jesus Christ - look for both in a time of disaster.   Practice “now,” for there are many types of crisis situations we face daily.   A tip from

BE READY “early,” by picking a Saturday now to change your car tires.   Why?    Many tires require tools which make them hard to get off these days.  Make sure you have the correct tools in your car, know how to use them, and practice.   Be sure you have a reliable spare tire in your vehicle.   Learn more “readiness” tips at

BE READY by teaching your children “now” how to evacuate in a smoke- or fire-filled space…you can do this by putting streamers onto a fan, placing it on a table, and having them practice crawling below the streamers.  In a true fire-crisis, the visual effect will remind them what to do.   A simple “preparedness” tip from

BE READY by having a biblical understanding of crisis opportunities, and that the real enemy we face is Satan himself - who “prowls around, seeking to destroy,” as the Bible teaches.   Whether we’re responding to natural or man-made disasters, Islam or other non-biblical worldviews, we can respond with wisdom and love.     You can know what the Bible says about such responses - learn more from sermon series now available at

BE READY by walking your evacuation routes out of your home, workplace, school, or church -- blindfolded.  When eyes are affected in a crisis, people take short steps, cannot see well, and often rotate, forgetting where the doors are.  Practice with your children, staff, and at other gathering places.   Make your large gathering events aware of escape routes, much like flight attendants do on planes.   A suggestion from

BE AWARE that all employers are mandated, according to OSHA, to have an emergency plan for employees, and to provide either a survival supply list or kit if they are paying employees.  Is your business prepared?   Every employer must make their employees aware of their emergency plan, and all options must be practiced.   Help your workplace to BE READY.   From

Before it happens - prepare.   When it happens - respond.   After it happens - restore.   Prepare - Respond - Restore…a three-word “action plan” for Christ-like behavior in any kind of emergency.   Find out more about these three phases at

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