Monday, August 03, 2020


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Lord, as believers in Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ we come to you today to Pray4America on our knees with all humility acknowledging that we in ourselves have no strength, wisdom or empowerment to carry your banner of righteousness without the indwelling of your Holy Spirit.  (Acts 2:4)


All across our nation today, Christians have searched their hearts anew letting you examine if their be any wicked way in us. We ask for your help to release us from inconsequential things, which vie for our attention, time, energy and resources so we may focus completely on what is pleasing to you.  (Ps 26:2)


We confess we have been complacent about preparing our oil for the hour at hand. Help us to be Christians who are ready to give an answer in word and deed for the Hope you have placed within us as followers of the One True and Living God, through Jesus Christ and Him alone. Help us to fret not because of evildoers. (Ps 37:1)


Show us how to make our path straight to become biblically ready for the battle that lies ahead trusting only in you and resting knowing the victory in You, has already been won. We desire to be your strong soldiers worthy of your Namesake. Help us to put on the shield of faith and righteousness each day, walking humbly, loving mercy and seeking justice so that all may come into a right relationship with You. (Matt 3:3, Eph 6:16, Mic 6:8)


We pray for all those who are in authority over us who are making decisions on our behalf for national security and response to emergencies of all kinds. We specifically remember our President, Secretary Napolitano, John Cohen, Bill Flynn, Tammy Hutchinson as well as Mike Miron by name, as we work with them each day. We thank you God for your favor as we continue to bear witness and challenge as did Esther in the court on behalf of her people. (John 1:7)


We pray for the survivors and grieving families of the recent incidents in Boston MA, West TX, and those displaced by Midwest flooding as chaplains meet them at their point of need praying, caring and sharing the love of God. Help us to stand beside them and be a lifter of their heads. Lord, you have brought each of us through a personal crisis so that we been shown we cannot live our lives on our own strength but we must place our trust in you. Help us to not keep your gift hidden but boldly and sensitively share your truth with those who are seeking. (Heb 2:13)


We pray, your bride the Church, would prepare their flocks for the coming days spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically to be the light in the darkness for those who in are despair, ruin and doubt. May pastors be driven to their knees dividing the word of truth and help them to lay aside the cares of the world, their budgets, numbers and concerns so that Your word may go forth in righteousness and power.  (Acts 20:10, Matt 10:7, 2 Tim 4:2, Luke 4:23))


We pray for Christian leaders to be trustworthy with those they shepherd even down to the finest detail having emergency plans in place and preparing those they lead to be ready to respond giving an answer in word and deed when 90% ask in crisis “Where is God in this?” May they turn to us! (I Peter 3:15-16)


As our nation faces increasing threats to our safety, infrastructure, and our Gospel mission and message, which we saw again this past week with challenges to our freedoms of speech and religion, we ask You, by Your Providential hand where true freedom resides, to bring Christian city leaders together, to set aside petty differences, and unite as in the day of Nehemiah with a holy focus upon biblical readiness in these uncertain times - so that multitudes will come into Your Kingdom. (Phil 2:2)


Father, We confess no man will see you without Your Holiness! You alone have given us gracious warnings upon warnings to be ready as a Father would his children. Not knowing the day or the hour, help us to heed those warnings, not as sheep who have gone astray being complacent as those without Hope, but as Christians soldiers ready to lead seekers in the path of righteousness so that the Light of Christ outshines the fires of fear and waste around us.  May Your name be High and Lifted up! (Matt 24:6, Gal 5:5, Isa 53:6,)


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Lisa Crump
One week later, Lord God I ask for Your Spirit to come upon this nation from homes, to workplace to schools to government. We need You. I repent for a nation that seeks to remove You Lord. In You alone is our true help and hope. Forgive us, protect us Lord as the church is called to humble ourselves and pray and seek Your face and turn from our wicked ways so that You will move on behalf of our land and citizens. In Jesus, the Name above every name I ask, thanking You for Your love for us even now.
by lisacrump on Thu, 09 May 2013 - 21:28
Sandie Sangster
"Father God, My heart echoes this prayer for every individual who proclaims to be a believer in Your precious Son, Jesus Christ. By the power of the Holy Spirit ignite in us boldness to share our full trust and faith in You. May those who ignore You, despise You and choose to "set other gods before You" be drawn to the light of Your love because we display Your glory. May our lives demonstrate Your hands, feet, and be Your voice standing together with one goal. We bow before Your throne as You are King of kings and Lord of lords, Amen"
by on Fri, 03 May 2013 - 15:04