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Jun 28
Mary Marr

PRAY for NM Wildfire and NE Flood Response

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While these two incidents may not be near you or affect someone you know, as a Christian, will you PRAY for NM Wildfire as well as the NE Flooding Response?

As Nebraska is facing increased flooding threatening to breach the walls surrounding the nuclear plant there, NM is fighting off another wildfire close to the Los Alamos Nuclear Lab - the birthplace of the atomic bomb. As firefighters rush to keep the fire from radioactive material that is stored on the site, such as the plutonium facility nearby, officials try to assure the residents that everything will be fine yet they have evacuated the entire town close-by. There are usually 12,000 employees at this facility who are also affected.


  • Please pray for the first responders to be safe and wise as they mitigate the wildfire and damage to national infrastructure.


  • Please pray for CEN Ready Church in the NM area to assist the evacuees, the emergency management and the first responders.


  • Please continue to pray for those in harms way in both Nebraska and the New Mexico Nuclear Power Plant areas to evacuate early according to official requests and to be safe.


  • Please pray for your own family to be a Ready Christian and your own church to be a Ready Church as this is another reminder how important it is for each church to have a Ministry Continuity and Emergency Operations Plan in place to handle the affairs of the church as well as to be able to reach out to others who are seeking comfort and support in an uncertain time.


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