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Aug 30

Plea for Prayer Regarding Gustav

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Hurricane Gustav is picking up power and steam, anticipated to hit Gulf Coast shores as early as Monday overnight as possibly a category 3, 4, or even  5 hurricane.   Hurricane Katrina was a  category 3, as a reference.   Even now, residents in targeted states are moving inland and securing their properties.   We encourage those in harm's way to heed local evacuation orders, and to be sure personal  supply kits are complete and ready.

In all times, we turn to the Lord.  
Psalm 32-34 offers several biblical  perspectives to address fears and anxieties many are now experiencing.   God's sovereignty over all  ministers to us greatly in all times.   The world as we know it will some day end;  let's  be found faithful, hopeful, and trusting  in the biblical worldview that says we have an eternal hope that surpasses all understanding.  

We applaud President Bush, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Federal Emergency Manangement Association (FEMA) for their many preparedness efforts since Katrina.   Many emergency preparedness procedures and personnel are in place  now and active to best prepare Gulf Coast residents, schools, churches, and businesses...and to respond to the expected damage.

We encourage Christians nationwide to  "pray, care, and share" now, and in  the coming days.   Galations 6:2 says, "Bear one another's burdens, and thus fulfill the law of Christ."    The  Bible says a lot  about preparedness and response.   For now, let's bear the burdens through prayer that many in the South are experiencing right now:

  • *   The Hurricane's Path -- Pray that water temperatures, wind, and rain will be subdued by God's hand to protect many from great damage.
  • *   Individuals/Families -- Pray that  arrangements to secure properties and make school,  business, family,  and life decisions relating to  temporary relocation go smoothly and are wise.
  • *   Churches & Congregants  --  Pray that  their buildings will be secure, but more importantly that Christians there will maintain a strong Christian witness to the community and responding groups.
  • *   First Responders -- We are aware of many Christian, military, and emergency management groups already deployed to the region to be in place with personnel and supplies.   Pray for strength  and that unique opportunities to share the Truths of Jesus Christ will occur for the many Christians in these groups.

We encourage Christians to reach out to those you  know in any way possible, and  connect with your Christian  church denominations and ministries to donate funds, services, and supplies that they outline.    Since Katrina, many of these ministries and churchs now have systems in place to respond in  timely, successful ways.

One example of a need already being met is that of $500 generators needed for portable showers already on hand...our partner Somebody Cares in Texas is on it already!   How exciting to see God at work among His people!   Be part of   Christ-centered response efforts.

Christian Emergency Network is launching the
Ready Church Initiative this September in response to our nation's preparedness needs, and especially in obedience to God to  be a witness through our responsible citizenship and evangelistic efforts - so unique in times of disaster.   Sign up to receive the Ready Church notices.

To those in harm's way -- know  that Christians all across this nation are praying.

Note to all:  
Forward your Gustav-related stories and requests to us so we can help distribute them to fellow Christians nationwide.

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