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Apr 06
Steve Marr

No Cash- No Gas

Posted by: Steve Marr

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Today I pulled into a gas station to fill up. The credit card system was down and the station was able to accept cash only.


I was amazed at the number of customers that didn’t have cash. Some just bought a few dollars worth, one guy cleaned out the change in his truck to get gas to get to the next station.


We come to depend on credit or debit cards to get us by. Usually, they work, but not always. Carrying some cash is wise, or leaving a cash envelope in the car for emergencies is a way to be prepared. Keeping your gas gauge off empty is also a good idea.


The simple point is, every step we can take to be a Ready Christian is a positive step. A day may come when everything won’t work. The more we live on the margin, the harder we will get hit. Develop the habit to build some reserve into everything you do, and you won’t be caught short.

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