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Aug 31

National Preparedness Month Worship Video

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A time to remember. A time to prepare.
National Preparedness Month Video - Together We Will Stand

Following 9/11, the Church responded in a way that moved the hearts and minds worldwide for months. This is a time to remember. Ten years ago the Christian cross, while derided in the square the day before, was allowed to stand well after the ruins were torn down. The Church was revived, in the midst of tragedy, as Christians began doing what they do best - praying for the survivors and first responders, caring for the urgent needs or just sitting on the curb listening to the broken hearted. Students from Julliard played music in the shelters and The Salvation Army band played while serving meals in the streets. Music and the cross - brought healing when no one knew what to say, unity out of division, and eternal healing to a broken nation.

Commemorating the tenth anniversary of 911, the Christian Emergency Network created the Together We Will Stand video to use in your church and community to inspire Christians and those still in search of Him to stand together in Christ throughout any crisis. Using visual images of that day where Christians came together combined with music, which stirs the heart and memory, the Together We Will Stand video will be a lasting reminder of the Christian response to this tragedy.

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cover2Together We Will Stand CD

During National Preparedness Month CEN will also release the Together We Will Stand - Standing Strong in Crisis CD and Devotional to use with someone currently in crisis or as a part of being an active ReadyChristian.

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