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Sep 06
Dave Purdle

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“Responsibility to Christ” involves so much for a man: his choice of occupation and outside interests, his over-riding daily concern for his wife and children, his leadership in their spiritual development and welfare. It determines Whom he will serve. Joshua said: “…but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD” (Joshua 24:15). That is impossible unless the husband, “head of the household,” is responsible to Christ. Will he read the Bible and pray with his children so they come to know and understand God from their own father? Will he see to it that the family is actively involved in a local congregation: scheduled services, youth activities, work days, etc.? Will he give guidance to his children in which activities and friends they seek, seeing to it that they don’t so over-commit to activities that they no longer have time for family or church involvement? Will he help resolve conflict within the home based on godly principles, or on his own temperament at the time? As a father whose children are now grown, I’m grateful for when I was submissive to Christ in my role as head of the family, but deeply sorrowful for when I acted on my own independent of Him.  –Chaplain Grant Wolf

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