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Feb 09
Douglas Bush

Laughter should be part of any Emergency Plan

Posted by: Douglas Bush

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A 72 Hour Emergency Kit is the most vital component in any emergency plan. This is the maximum amount of time it will take emergency personnel to come to your aid. So be aware and be ready.

Being prepared for possible emergencies increases confidence, knowledge and skill in children of all ages. Because emergencies can cause high stress and have a negative impact and effect on people's lives, especially children, it is important to take the necessary steps to prepare them for such situations. Also remember that children react to the emotions of those around them and can sense when there is fear, stress or anxiety. The best way to help a child in an emergency is to be prepared to deal with the situation yourself.

Having sold emergency planning software to families for over five years, there is one key ingredient which we all overlook: laughter.  Humor reduces stress and anxiety by releasing feel-good hormones in the brain, promoting positive thinking and emotion.  Children will be reassured and relaxed during the stress that is associated with an emergency if they can have the healthy outlet of laughter. Practice making tense situations lighter with laughter.

Tonight practice, in part, your Emergency Plan.  Turn off your electricity and get the flash lights out.  Serve sandwiches and water.  Remind the kids that this is only a drill.  No television, no computers, no sodas, etc. Play cards, board games, sleep on the floor in blankets and talk.  Tell and listen to funny stories.  Laughter is the best medicine. 

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