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Jul 07
Steve Marr

Know Where Your Money Is Going

Posted by: Steve Marr

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Some fundraising does a good job of taking money in, and putting no money out. The Tampa Bay Times ran a study highlighting “The 50 Worst Charities In America”, chart posted here: .


Organizations responding to disasters are not immune from providing little bang for the dollar. The Ready Church and Ready City programs encourage the local church and Christian ministries to engage in fundraising locally and then deploy those funds to meet needs directly. This helps the church be the church.

When funds are spent locally, with minimal overhead and administration, far more money goes to direct assistance. Wise donors, weather sending $25,000 or $5.00 need to validate where the funds are going and how the Lord is glorified as a result.

Take the step of becoming a ready church, start here: and become a Ready Church or Ready City.

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