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Dec 14
Mary Marr

Keeping a Prayer-Care-Share Life Going

Posted by: Mary Marr

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If you are like many pastors today, you want to equip your congregation in sharing their faith sensitively and effectively, yet you do not need another program to manage or hand-hold. Or, maybe you are feeling your congregation resisting the Biblical admonition in sharing their faith so you have resorted to ignoring equipping them. You ARE called only to equip the believer, not do their part. Lighting the Way offers the gentle equipping-support you need.

In addition to the daily guiding devotionals, Lighting the Way includes the instructional manual for chosen lay leaders to implement the Pray-Care-Share principles within small groups, adult Sunday school classes, or even as an independent study course within a 90-day period of time.

All you need to continue to do is encourage them to keep the Pray-Care-Share lifestyle going as your church grows the Bible-way. I know you have become skeptical with church resource marketing campaigns. This is not another methodology book or evangelism marketing campaign; rather it instructs in using the simple principles Jesus taught: pray first, care in ways to melt the heart toward the things of God, and then sensitively share the words that bring non-believers into a vital life-changing walk with Him each day.

Participants will be able to diagnose where their non-believing family and friends are on their spiritual journey so they may pray strategically and specifically for God to open doors for them to take the next step in coming closer to Him. Through prayer, He alone can show us how to care for each individual.  Lighting the Way offers suggestions on acts of kindness demonstrated prayerfully over time - since we know that transformation occurs when hearts are melted in love toward God. It has been said that people will not care about what we know, until they know how much we care. Then, Lighting the Way offers the “words of the Gospel” which when presented in a clear manner seeker-responses occur.

Lighting the Way takes the guilt out of not sharing our faith, or the fear of door-to-door evangelism, and replaces it with effective relational sharing as God opens the doors. This is how God intended for us to make disciples.  For any believer, it helps to be reminded how intentionally praying for God to open the door with our non-believing family and friends by name, then demonstrating God’s love through acts of kindness, followed by sensitively and timely sharing His Truth really works! This is all God asks of us. We do our part through how we pray, care and share. He does His part to ready the heart and receive His own. Help your church as they are "lighting the way." 


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