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Aug 09
Douglas Bush

Is there something in Emergency Planning, we have overlooked?

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A bright blue sky, kids are playing with their friends in the backyard, your family dog is having another heated discussion with the neighbor’s cat, while Mom and Dad are relaxing and having a chat with a glass of ice tea in hand.  Yes, back to normal for some. 

Is this how you want to recover from an emergency situation?  If so, then there are two sides to this equation: the physical and just as important, the mental preparation.

There is enough literature available today which talks about the physical preparation.  And yes, it is important to put in place those measures necessary to protect your family and the assets that you own.   However, what about one’s mental preparation?  Emotional disaster preparedness could be the missing component in any emergency plan. Agree?

Reflecting back on my experiences during a Category 5 Hurricane, I felt anxiety, helplessness, confusion and stress. After the storm, I went and talked to as many people as I could; neighbors, fellow employees, Red Cross, clergy, and even the police about what I was feeling.  What I had experienced was a normal reaction to this type of situation.  But the scary part for me was, all at once!  It was overwhelming.

I learnt three important things here: that there is help and support in dealing with these emotions, you do feel better over time and to continually strengthen my resilience.

If you visualize you and your family in the opening paragraph, mental preparedness is just as important as physical readiness.  Build for recovery today with prayer, a healthy life style, social interaction and belief in your family. 

J. Douglas Bush

Managing Partner

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