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Jun 11
Mary Marr

Is The Church doing It's Job?

Posted by: Mary Marr

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In Phillip Yancey's book, Where is God when it Hurts, he writes: "If the church is doing its job-binding up wounds, comforting the grieving, offering food to the hungry-I don't think people will wonder where is God when it hurts. They know where God is-in the presence of God's people on earth."

Experts say 90% of people in crisis today ask, "Where is God in this?" What does that mean for the church. Unless Christians are praying, caring, and sharing the Hope they have in Christ, the statistic will  only increase. When family members, friends, co-workers face emergencies both large and small and they receive a clear explanation of how they can draw upon the strength that only God can give, we will see that number decrease. What an opportunity we have to answer this question clearly in our time.

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