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Nov 21
Mary Marr

Intel Bulletin Warns of Holiday Bus Targets

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Fox News reports in the lead-up to one of the busiest travel weeks of the year, a new intelligence bulletin warned that terrorists have targeted bus networks more than any other mode of surface transportation. The two page assessment, sent to law enforcement in the nation's capital, says in part, 'bus systems are considered attractive terrorist targets because they are relatively soft targets.'"

While the Department of Homeland Security has not issued any specific or known threats, it has advised once again to be on the alert for suspicious packages or for those who may interject themselves onto buses or into the transit system that do not meet security standards. In addition, “bus ramming” into buildings appears to continue to be another concern given extremist group online sources.

CEN encourages Christian to pray for God’s discernment while traveling. God has give us the ability to see the difference between good and evil including the ability to see suspicious activity when it occurs and then the courage to report it to professional authorities. We have a responsibility for the safety of our families, and as citizens we have a responsibility to watch, pray and be alert for others God places in our path.

Like buses, churches are also considered soft targets and must be secured. We may never get credit from anyone other than the Lord for taking the time to report a suspicious package or behavior in our church parking lot, but we know our reward from obeying God in the matter is sufficient. ReadyChurch Training will assist your church members to be spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically equipped for service to others, even if it means simply reporting suspicious activity in a timely manner in your church parking lot.

And, this a good time of the year to remember and thank those who God uses to keep us safe, police, fireman, first responders, security officers, military, medical professionals for example stand guard over us every day.

Do you agree we need to thank them more often?


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