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Nov 11
Steve Marr

Indianapolis Explosion Demonstrate Some Disasters Instantaneous

Posted by: Steve Marr

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A major explosion ripped through an Indianapolis neighborhood overnight leaving two confirmed dead and 200 others homeless. As hurricane Sandy lumbered ashore, those in the path had days to prepare. These people had no time. Many were asleep when the explosion happened.


Above: A neighborhood burns after explosion

Some disasters, like this explosion happen in a second, no warning. Families need to have plans in place for such emergencies. One key element is a rallying point to meet, so everyone can validate everyone is OK, or if missing then help can be dispatched. Learn more elements of becoming a Ready Christian here: .


Above: A family requiring assistance after explosion

A Christian, who had already taken the steps of becoming a Ready Christian would be able to minister on the spot to others. The time to learn understand how to best lead with the hope of Christ is before, not after a disaster strikes.

Mayor Ballard of Indianapolis said, "We're going to need some comforting in the next few days." He is correct. As Christians we need to be ready to step in, and bring the message, hope and love of Christ during emergencies. The TV cameras will turn away from this disaster shortly, that’s when the Church has an opportunity to minister.




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