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Jul 21
Jon McHatton

In Emergency Preparation, Don't Forget Your Watch!

Posted by: Jon McHatton

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I have received emails from various ministries who have a raised level of interest in the coming emergencies.  Some of these are from the prophetic and apostolic streams while others are from evangelical leaders.  The wonderful thing is that everyone is saying the same message..."get prepared!"

This reminds me of when Jesus was forming his Emergency Operations Center (EOC) on the Mount of Olives with the words, "Watch and Pray!"  Unfortunately the disciples were not trained in proper emergency activation protocols and simply prayed themselves to sleep.   I am sure that their strong spirit was ready to pray but their weak flesh was not able to watch.

Leaders like Cindy Jacobs, Chuck Pierce, Ras Robinson and Mary Marr have been and are calling Christians to pray for our "teetering economy and corrupt society."  The CEN Chapters echo this challenge but also work further to engage local Christian Communities in strengthening what is always the weakest part, our Emotional, Mental and Physical preparedness.

In other words, it is important to know what to watch to understand how to pray.   The reality is that this teetering and corruption is happening, on my watch!  I know that God answers prayer and of the increased prayer efforts throughout the cities of our nation.  We simply must work on what we are watching, as we answer the call to pray.

So in this time of facing potential disasters, let's  not rely on watching our cell phones, laptops, or HD TVs, they might not work in an emergency.  Let's get back to the basics; personal prayer, reading the Word, a lifestyle of worship and loving our neighbor.  Then maybe we will be better at watching;  being  Aware, Ready, There for emergencies both large and small.

Watch...then pray!


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