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Jun 07
Steve Marr

Illness In Church Highlights Need For Emergency Plan

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Last Sunday, while visiting a church, a lady passed out during the announcement time. One person nearby thought she merely fainted, while another stood up and started waving to the Pastor to gain attention.

 A church member called 911, the fire department arrived and assisted the woman and transported her to the hospital.

A life threatening emergency can strike and church, or business. We need to think through in advance what action to take. Ushers are an excellent first line response for any emergency during service. They can respond, assess the situation, and hopefully know any doctors, nurses or medical trained personal in the service. Allow these professionals to assess and then determine what steps are needed.

When there is any doubt, call immediately for help. A lady collapsed in our home suddenly. Two people said, ”she just fainted and should be OK.”  Given she was unconscious, and I am not a doctor, I called for an ambulance which arrived in a few moments. A neighbor, a medical doctor,  rushed over when he saw the ambulance pull up. The doctor worked with the EMS crew, to save the person. Unfortunately, she suffered a brain hemorrhage and died.  While tragic, by not waiting we knew nothing else could have been done. 

One day, in the office a young 38-year-old man suffered a massive heart attack. Several staff had been trained in basic first aid, and CPR was immediately administered, while the EMS was called. Tragically, this person also died. However, having procedures in place insured a response was as rapid, and competent as possible.

Churches, and businesses need to have a procedure in place for medical emergencies. Identify any members with medical backgrounds, insure the ushers know who they are.  Also, insure ushers, and others in authority know where the first aid supplied are stored. Inventory your supplies and update and refresh as needed. This is National Safety Month, take the opportunity to insure you are ready for any medical emergencies.

Simple, basic planning may save a life one day, take that  step now. Take the first steps in becoming a ready Church here:



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