Wednesday, April 08, 2020


Share your stories and ideas with the network as you respond to crisis and disaster.

Storm CloudIn the past few weeks we have seen multiple disasters across the nation. We had fires in the West, flooding in the South, and mass power outages coupled with record heat in the East. Each of these events caused death.

I personally lived through the Derecho in the east that caused the power outages. I was fortunate to not have experienced a power outage, but everyone experienced the Derecho (a fast moving storm).  One of the common statements I heard by my friends in the days that followed was, “I had no idea a storm was even coming!” Now, I will admit I am a bit of an extreme weather junky. I blame my job in emergency preparedness and my degree in emergency management! But even before the past few years when I gained more insight into this field, I was the kid who thought it would be “cool” to live through every known natural disaster so long as I knew I would survive…but I digress.

“I had no idea a storm was even coming!”

This statement confuses me. With the technology that we have available to us today, the only natural disaster that we are generally blindsided by are earthquakes…and they are even able to predict the likelihood of these now!

So what is it that causes people to remain unaware of developing threats?

Is it willful ignorance?

Is it lack of knowledge of available resources?

Is it denial that “that would never happen to me”?

Whatever the reason, we are on a mission to change the culture surrounding unpreparedness. Too many people lose their lives from something that can easily be prevented or avoided. The most basic steps, as outlined by FEMA, are:

Be Informed.
Make a Plan.
Build a Kit.

It’s as easy as that! Even more, as Christians, we are called to be ready to provide as answer for the hope within us. Time after time in the Bible we see God preparing a group of people to intervene on behalf of others in times of crisis.

Noah and the ark.
Nehemiah and rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem.
Esther before the king.
Joseph and the famine.
Jesus and the storm.

In each of these situations, people were ready to respond to the unfolding events and God had prepared them to be His answer in times of need.

We often applaud these people for their faith when they were simply walking in obedience.

We believe that it is not enough to be physically prepared to respond. We believe that we need to be ready in all ways: spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. CEN calls this Biblical Readiness.

Here are some links to help start the process of becoming biblically ready. We recommend starting by downloading the free ReadyChristian Training that covers each of these areas more extensively.





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