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Nov 22
Steve Marr

Hurricane Sandy Victims Experiencing Health Problems

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CBS News in New York reports many storm victims are experiencing medical problems. Some of the common ailments include injuries from clean up and repair, asthma, rashes, sore throats, nausea, breathing problems and lung infections.

 CBS reported:

Homeowners in Long Island’s flood zones have been taking precautions, using protective suits, masks, gloves and boots as they warily clear muck, sewage and mold-infested wallboard. Hundreds of residents have been seeking medical attention, among them members of the Livolsi family.

“It is a major concern for both myself and my family. My nephew has a cough … put on steroids. No one has given us any information on what it could do long term, even short term,” Connie Livolsi told CBS 2’s Jennifer McLogan on Wednesday."

Several mobile emergency room treatment centers have been set up to treat residents.

Dr. Canter reported:

 “Inevitably, it’s going to happen. How many and how bad it will be? Only time will tell,” Long Beach Medical Center Emergency Chief Dr. Robert Canter said.

Health officials and experts said the risks are real, but they cautioned against hysteria. Lasting effects generally require long-term, continuous exposure.

Doctors in the crisis centers reported an uptick in treating patients for carbon monoxide poisoning, infections from stepping on rusty nails, and burns from candles and boiled water — during Sandy’s aftermath.

When a storm passes, most of the TV and news coverage disappears. Those away from the damage start to believe all is well. Volunteers and donations tend to stop.

This is the time when the Church needs to step up and minister. Doctors can treat the medical part of these ailments, only the Lord can bring lasting healing to the soul.

Take the step of becoming a Ready Church, then you can minister as a church in such times. Start here: http://bit.ly/PF7W2P .

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Has there been a recent out break of lice an scabies since hurricane Thank you
by foolishdriver on Tue, 04 Dec 2012 - 12:20