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Feb 03
Steve Marr

Hurricane Sandy Still Causing Pain

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Responders to disasters understand the pain lingers far beyond the first response. Often the long term effects are more difficult for many people then the hectic first few days.

 Cedar Grove Community Hub, Staten Island, N.Y.

Several thousands residents of Stanton Island are still without power or have homes with  damage not yet repaired. Many of these people have not received insurance settlements or long term housing assistance. Many are camping out in cold houses struggling to hold on.

Donna Graziano has been a local hero by providing tents with heaters to allow residents to warm up. She has served food donated by many helpful restaurants, grocery stores and citizens.

This past week a windstorm took down these tents. In most instances, the windstorm would have had little effect. In this case the lost tents create a disaster within the disaster.

Often the church is the long term helper in reconstruction. We need to embrace disasters long after the TV cameras move on to other stories leaving the hurting people and devastation behind.

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