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Jun 06
Mary Marr

Hundreds Evacuated As Firefighters Battle Arizona Blazes

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Massive wildfires burning in eastern Arizona "The Wallow Fire" is the third largest in the state’s history – is not contained and has forced hundreds of evacuations along the Arizona-New Mexico border. The fires are being fueled by high temperatures and gusty winds” and sending smoke as far as New Mexico and southern Colorado.1300 firefighters from across the country are battling the blaze which now has devastated more than 140,000 acres or 400 square miles of forest. Over 2,000 people have had to evacuate their homes.

 The mountain resort town of Greer outside the city of Phoenix reported voluntary evacuations on Saturday amidst reports of more winds and no rain in the near future.

 Wildfires have burned more than 3 million acres in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and as far east as Georgia. The wildfires continue to plague states where the drought conditions are so favorable.

Please PRAY for:

Those evacuating their homes to respond promptly to the directions offered by officials

The first responders to remain safe and to get much needed rest in the midst of non-stop response work

CEN AZ Ready Churches who assessing the damage and ready to respond to the needs of those being evacuated with needed compassion, personal supplies and the ability to share comfort and hope found only in Christ.


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