Thursday, October 01, 2020


Share your stories and ideas with the network as you respond to crisis and disaster.

Whether it is the Milwaukee shooting this past week or the 5- 10 churches who may be affected by a fire incident this month nationwide, no Christian organization or church is immune from a potential incident that has never occurred before.

Having good strong relationships with your local law enforcement is key to a quick effective preparedness plan and response.

ReadyCity and ReadyChurch Security officers will find these few tips helpful with building relationships with local law enforcement.

Before an incident occurs local law enforcement officials can assist with security planning, crime prevention and address general security concerns.

Getting to know you and your facility will assist them in the event an emergency situation arises at your facility or organization.

   Invite law enforcement to visit your facility, stop in for coffee or park in your parking lot to write reports

   Consider sharing maps, floor plans and blue prints with police & first responders; familiarity with your facility is critical for emergency response, particularly during events such active shooter incidents or hostage situations

   Invite SWAT or tactical units to train or conduct exercises in your facility during off-hours

   Consider hiring off-duty police officers for security details for special events

   Insure your Security officer is receiving CEN’s Threat Information Service for risks to your community or church. Use the Contact Us at to apply.

Take a moment to pray for the survivors of the Milwaukee shooting this Sunday and join with other faith leaders nationwide standing in solidarity against hatred and violence against any house of worship.

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