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Feb 14
Steve Marr

Home Security

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You arrive home, the door is open. You either call the police, or carefully enter your home, with fear and trepidation. Your stuff is tossed around, valuables, and heirlooms are gone. Part of your life is gone.


 Every 15 seconds a home is burglarized, over 2 million a year. For each person, this is an emergency. We can take one step to reduce the chance our home would be next.

Installing high quality door locks will be a major step. This can be accomplished at a cost of $100.00 per door. American National Standards Institute (ANSI) grades home locks. Most homes come with ANSI grade 3 locks, these can be easily kicked in or defeated allowing fast, easy access to your home by a burglar. These locks lack the strength to withstand any attack.

You can upgrade your locks by installing ANSI grade 1 dead bolt locks. These locks will extend the distance the bolt is places in your door jamb. In addition, install a strike plate on your door jamb. This will provide the strength necessary to withstand most attacks. Without the strike plate your door, and/ or your trim will be split apart. You can install these yourself, or use a locksmith.

Image of product #SCH-B60N-619

When you strengthen your locks, take the additional step of reinforcing your door hinges. Most door hinge screws do not reach the stud and are easily kicked out. When you install linger screws that reach the stud, strength is significantly increased. Use a drill to create a guide hole to avoid the risk of splitting your stud.  

Make sure you strengthen all doors, including the door from an attached garage into your house. A garage may be easily entered, providing easy entry to your home.

These steps will help keep you, your family and possessions safe.

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